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Monday Moodboard: ‘Into the Hasselblad 500 C/M’ by Carl Pendle

Want to see the next best thing to owning a Hasselblad? Then check out this drool-worthy video of how it is to look through the viewfinder of a 500 C/M.

Honestly, I’ve been a fan of VIXX for less than a year. However, during this time, one of the things that has never ceased to amaze me is their love and appreciation for Starlights. With their upcoming mini-album Error about to be released, I hope that we can all do our best to support them and continue to give back some of the love they give us. Thank you, VIXX, for caring so much about us and thank you, Starlights, for being an amazing and supportive fandom. 

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I don’t have it in me to write music about an emotion I don’t innately have. - Nico Muhly, speaking to Rebecca Mead in 2008.. (via newyorker)

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